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On a muggy late July night in Dallas, less than half way through their latest 50-date commitment, lead singer Caleb Followill served it up on a platter.Always a hard living band, that night in Dallas, Followill noticeably slurred his words, eventually excusing himself to “vomit and drink a beer” before refusing to return to the stage.The service works like this: that will transform the analog sound digital sound. According to the service, on a 10-inch disc (ideal for mailing) you can put about 20 minutes of music (10 per side of the vinyl).Once the vinyl is printed, the cut is done by hand with machines dating back to the 80’s. The best thing is that if you have a band and you have the dream of seeing your work embodied in acetate, now you can fulfill your wishes for only € 50 (without shipping costs) A single detail …

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He said: “That song is very personal, and to the people involved who know what that song’s about, it’s like ‘Holy shit’.

“For a long time people didn’t know why they hated us,” Jared explains of the deafening backlash generated from the tranwreck performance.

“[After Dallas] they were like, ‘See, that’s why I hated them!

Sometime not long ago, Matthew Followill pondered taking a break from his multi-million selling family band, The Kings of Leon. I was tired of always talking about Kings of Leon, playing shows.

“I remember being on a plane and thinking, ‘I just want people to not be sick of us,’” the guitarist recalls. “I just wanted to go home.” It was spring 2011 and the Kings of Leon were in the third year of an on-again-off-again world tour which stretched back before their fourth album At the time, the group was not so much descending as tumbling off the World’s Biggest Rock Band mantle.

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