Who is nigel harman dating

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Giving fans the first sneak peak of upcoming X Factor musical I Can’t Sing, which is set to poke fun at the ITV show, Nigel did his best Cowell impression as he performed a medley of songs from the show.

Harman's brooding Rickman had left by 2005 (he was stabbed to death on New Year's Eve as the midnight fireworks started), whereas Womack joined in 2007. Bradley and Tanya are an interesting couple - on the outside they are happy and outgoing, but there are hints of something a little darker just beneath the surface. Trust the southerners from East Enders to come up and make it serious," he jokes.

Even when I was in East Enders it wasn’t like that, that’s just what is reported in the press.

When I’m out and about I talk to people about normal things like my children and dogs.” Which goes to show he has no idea how convincing he is on screen, that air of mocking menace that stays with you long after his performance is over.

His dramatic screen plays always gross a lot of money.

Nigel Harman always drives the older girls mad with his pecs..

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