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702's Xolani Gwala spoke of a new social media trend called ' Blesserfinder', social media platforms where girls are allegedly matched with rich 'benefactors' in exchange for sex.

The trend apparently started on social media, where unemployed women were posting about their expensive lifestyles, claiming they had been 'blessed' .

This is a Society for people to learn about ancient spirituality, crafts such as tarot and many different colourful traditions and mythologies.

There is something for everyone in the Society as we try to cater to a variety of different interests and beliefs.

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Feel free to explore the site and our facebook page (found on the contacts tab) and contact us with any questions you may have!

Now defunkt Filterset G Adblock add-on and Privoxyalso blocked all of Adland due to our domain.

The issue with unintelligent internet security programs that filter on rulesets such as is that they will have false positives, and they do allow for (paid for) exceptions.

We are the Pagan Society at Swansea University, as of October 2011.

Our society is open to everyone, so you do not have to be a Pagan or Religious to join, just come along for the experience!

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